vue router "loading"

When we run the project, through the yarn serve or npm run serve command, the views are accessed through the top menu, similar to the following figure: These two files, Home.vue and About.vue, are loaded when the application initializes. Vue Router is a URL router that maps URLs to components. Meaning, if a user simply loads the base URL of /, then we should indeed see the home page. First, an async component can be defined as a factory function that returns a Promise (which should resolve to the component itself): This means we can defer the loading of modules with import() and load only when necessary. Getting started. Lazily loaded routes is a popular technique for faster page loading by splitting the build file into many chunks and load it on demand. Without having to polyfill a module loading system, you can create this with just a few lines of code. People with slow internet connection or low end devices such as mobile phones would have a bad user experience. Coder's Tape 22,294 views # Lazy load in Vue components This is well explained in the "Load components when needed with Vue async … Let’s see what it is! Install. cd vue-loading-indicators; You can view your application in your web browser by running the following command: npm run serve When you visit localhost:8080 in a web browser, you should see a "Welcome to Your Vue.js App" message. Combining Vue's async component feature and webpack's code splitting feature, it's trivially easy to lazy-load route components. With the help of Webpack, it is possible to load pages on demand in Vue.js using the import() function instead of the import keyword. Let’s create 3 components and add simple text. Feel excited? Currently I’m loading this in the mounted() lifecycle hook. VueJS is an amazing Frontend Framework! First, we are creating a new vue project by using vue-cli. 实现原理 1. A common use case is inside a vue-router beforeEach hook. When building apps with a bundler, the JavaScript bundle can become quite large, and thus affect the page load time. For lazy loading images, we can use the vue-lazyload package. 8 videos Play all SPA with Vue.JS 2, Vue-Router, Vuex and Laravel 5.6 We Code Laravel API Development & Vue JS SPA - e02 - Vue Router - Duration: 10:59. < q-layout >... < q-page-container >